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Cities & Municipalities

Improve the quality of life for your residents, workers, and visitors. Securely harness data across the public domain to improve safety, drive operational efficiencies, and grow your local economy.

Monitor foot and vehicle traffic

Analyze the flow and dwell of visitors, vehicles, and bicycles across precincts, districts, and time periods. Understand vehicle counts and utilization of curb spaces and car parking. Check out the pedestrian counting system we created for the city of Melbourne.

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Connect with residents and visitors

Keep your communities better informed and engaged about local issues including roadworks, events, delays, wait times, and emergency alerts. You can even conduct feedback surveys.

Understand resident and visitor demographics and behaviors

Build a database of resident and visitor information including sentiment.

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Queue Management
Manage wait times

Monitor wait times at transportation platforms, public facilities, and entrances to buildings.

Measure precinct and district conversion

Understand conversion to retailers, restaurants, attractions, and displays.

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Optimize city planning

Understand and forecast foot traffic trends to inform resource planning, business improvement districts, and health and safety.

Improve resident safety

Increase incident response times by understanding where pedestrians are.

Manage Crowds
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