Skyfii IO Engage

Communicate directly with visitors while in your venue and after they’ve left.

Send Messages To Visitors At The Right Time and The Right Place

IO Engage lets you communicate directly with individual visitors – all without having to be in the same room.

Ask your visitors for useful feedback and deliver location-based campaigns that improve the visitor experience.

Location-Based Marketing Throughout Your Property

Automatically engage with visitors based on their physical location.

Trigger campaigns to be sent when visitors enter or exit your venue.
Automatically send campaigns when visitors haven’t returned to your location.
Deliver messages when visitors reach a dwell time threshold.
location based marketing
reach visitors

Reach Visitors on New Channels

Wherever your visitors are focused, now you can reach them there.

Reach visitors via email, SMS, WiFi, in-app notifications, and social media.
Display web content, video, and images to visitors when they login to guest WiFi.
Trigger campaigns in 3rd-party platforms using our API integration.

Segment Visitors By Behavior and Demographics

Improve campaign responses by tailoring messages to your visitors.

Create segments based on age, gender, post code, visit behavior, and more.
Automatically grow segments as new visitor data becomes available.
Import visitor and segment data from your CRM and export to CSV.
attribute campaigns

See Which Campaigns Affected Visitor Behavior

Attributing campaigns to business results is no longer a mystery.

Compare visitor behavior by segment using IO Insight.
Identify the campaigns that drove return visits.
Measure the value of each segment of visitors by measuring how often they visit.

IO Engage Campaign Showcase

Here are just a few examples of how Skyfii can deliver location- and behavior-based marketing campaigns to your visitors.

Key Benefits of Skyfii IO Engage

io engage key benefits
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A better visitor experience. Delight visitors with timely messages that are tailored to their visit.

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Better conversion rates. Avoid generic messages and communicate with visitors with more relevant content.

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Reach more visitors. Instead of being restricted to one or two channels, reach visitors in nearly any context.

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Fewer headaches. Turn guest Wi-Fi into a pillar of your marketing and communications plan.

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More engaging content. Send content in the medium that’s most effective for each situation.

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