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Skyfii offers businesses, organizations, and cities a highly reliable and scalable platform for managing Captive Portal and Guest WiFi. We offer global service.

Offer Guest WiFi For a Great Visitor Experience

Skyfii’s Captive Portal and Guest WiFi software have been proven in major airports, shopping centers, cities, retailers, and venues around the world. But what really gets our customers excited about our Captive Portal and Guest WiFi solution is how it helps them deliver an amazing visitor experience.

Scale Guest WiFi With Your Business

Keep guest WiFi easy to manage as your network evolves.

Deliver Personalized Content

Easily customize the guest WiFi experience to deliver unique and highly-targeted experiences to your visitors.

Skyfii’s Technology Partners

Skyfii Guest WiFi seamlessly integrates with the majority of WiFi network hardware from the following manufacturers:

To learn more about our growing ecosystem of technology and channel partners, contact us or visit the Skyfii Partners page.

Key Benefits of Skyfii Guest WiFi

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