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Guest WiFi

Skyfii Guest WiFi offers a rich set of features to manage a better user experience, collecting valuable customer data, to create guest WiFi analytics that support push targeted content – all managed in the Skyfii IO platform. 

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Deliver a high quality Guest WiFi service and expand your marketing reach

Grow your database and enrich your visitor insights

Enrich your visitor insights

As your customers register for your Guest WiFi service they provide invaluable data about themselves like demographics, postcode and shopper preferences. This data can be used for visitor behaviour comparisons based on specific profiles and  shopper preferences, providing invaluable analytics.

Multiple connected data integration with guest wifi
multiple consumer profiles on a computer screen created with guest wifi logons

Grow your database

Guest WiFi is often the single biggest driver of database growth for our clients, with over 15 million new customers registered and the number growing rapidly. There is no other channel as effective as Guest WiFi to increase your marketing reach with rich, qualified customer data.

Deliver media at the optimal time

Create a highly engaging new channel to reach your customers with Skyfii’s range of WiFi campaign tools, including a range of content and targeting tools to optimise the way you communicate to your customer. From video interstitials to welcome emails, Skyfii’s WiFi service and Engage tools can help you maximise and monetise every WiFi touch point.

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Customise and optimise your WiFi experience with Skyfii’s extensive feature set

Deliver an experience reflective of your venue or space

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Data capture

Capture customer information through your Guest WiFi’s registration page.

Configurable templates

Customise your registration page and other customer forms.

Progressive profiling

Schedule subsequent questions with each login at the captive portal to capture additional data.

Content delivery

Deliver content like welcome emails, SMS, Video and customer landing pages.

Multi-venue configuration

Configure your Guest WiFi based on a single venue or multiple venues.

Social login

Provide users social login options including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.