Skyfii IO Insight

IO Insight is a data visualization tool that shows you how visitors behave in your venues.

Get The Insights You Need to Optimize Your Venues

In the past, businesses have had to make critical decisions with little information about visitor behavior.

Now you can finally understand what visitors do while in your venues.


Helpful Location-Based Analytics

See how visitors move throughout your property.

Track dwell time, visitor count, customer journeys, and more.
Use data from guest WiFi, people counters, cameras, and other technology to get accurate visitor metrics.
See how your venue is performing right now, with real-time visitor tracking.

Understand the Visitor Experience

See what influences visitor behavior.

Compare visitor behavior with weather to improve resource planning.
Incorporate survey data to understand how customer sentiment varies within your locations.
Find out which marketing campaigns, layout changes, and tenant mixes drive return visits.

Venue Reporting Made Easy

IT can rest easy. No technical skills needed.

Design the dashboard you need in seconds with drag-and-drop configuration.
Automatically email PDF reports to your team.
Prefer to take your data elsewhere? Export nearly any report as a CSV.

Everything You Need to Understand Visitor Behavior In Your Venues

Marketing and operations teams can now easily access the reports they need to truly understand how their venues are used.

FootTraffic time 100
Foot Traffic

Compare traffic counts across venues, zones, and different times of day.

VisitorFlow 100
Visitor flow

Identify the most travelled paths and popular destinations in your venue.

WindowConversion 100

How many people passing by does each zone convert into a visitor? Now you can find out.

SmartZones 100
Smart Zones

Create zones around pop-up stores, entry/exit points, departments or other spaces you want to track.

WifiActivity 100
WiFi Activity

See how much time visitors spend on WiFi, what devices they’re using, and how much data they download.

HeatMapping 100

Identify congested or under-visited areas with our color-coded heatmaps. View real time or play back previous days.

WeatherBlue 100

See how temperature and rainfall impact visitor behavior.

SocialBlue 100
Social Media

Curious if all that chatter about our brand made an impact on visitor count? Now you can know.

WebBlue 100
Web Activity

See which websites your visitors visit while spending time in your venue.

Dwell time 100
Dwell Time

Understand how long visitors spend within your venue and within each zone.

Attribution 100

See if people who received your marketing campaigns are more likely to visit again.

Plus 100
…and More

Custom reports are available through our Data & Marketing Services team.

Key Benefits of Skyfii IO Insight

io insight benefits
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See the entire visitor experience. Understand the entire visitor journey with a single tool.

Skyfii Icons integration e1488251568451

Identify under- or over-performing assets. Find out what’s working well and what needs further attention.

Skyfii Icons integration e1488251568451

Improve marketing conversions. See which messages impact visitor behavior and identify ineffective campaigns.

Skyfii Icons integration e1488251568451

Assess visitor behavior at a glance. See the data you need right when you log in.

Skyfii Icons integration e1488251568451

Get your stakeholders up to speed. Have the exact reports you need sent to your team automatically.

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