People Counters and Visitor Analytics Software

Skyfii’s people counters (WiFi, sensors, and cameras) and visitor intelligence software provide you with a complete solution to manage your venue’s occupancy as well as analyze visitor traffic and behavior patterns. We have people counting systems available for venues of all sizes and budgets.

Accurately Count Visitors and Measure Their Interactions with Your Spaces

It’s difficult to optimize your venues if you don’t have a solid understanding of how they’re being utilized by your visitors.

With our people counters and advanced visitor analytics software, you can accurately count visitor traffic in your venues, measure their detailed movements and interactions, and view detailed graphic reports of that data to better understand what’s happening in your spaces.

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High-Fidelity People Counters

Accurately detect people for a direct visitor count.

Measure Facility Usage

Compare visitor traffic to different areas of your venue.
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monitor performance

Monitor Performance of Key Areas

Measure detailed interactions to understand how key areas are performing.

Skyfii IO: Robust Reporting for People Counters

Make the most of your people counter data with detailed reports designed to help you discover valuable insights.

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Detailed, Real-time Reports
Measure people counter data down to 5 min intervals, and easily compare dimensions like time of day, days of the week, month, and year across time periods.
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One Dashboard for All Your Data
Connect people counters from different manufacturers and locations, along with data across your entire organization, into a single, easy-to-use reporting platform.
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Correlate Data for Deeper Insights
Visualize additional datasets in your people counter reports, like POS transactions, weather data, visitor demographics, and more to gain a deeper understanding of what factors are influencing behavior in your venues.

How Can People Counters and Skyfii Help Your Business?

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Whether you already use people counters or are just getting started, Skyfii can help you get more value out of your data. To learn how, request a demo.
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