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IO Engage is the omnichannel marketing and content delivery component of Skyfii’s IO platform. It gives you the ability to send targeted communications across multiple channels including SMS, email, push notification and mobile video.

Transform the way you time, target and measure marketing campaigns

Deliver data driven campaigns based on individual visitor behaviour

An omnichannel marketing suite

Turn visitor insights into action with IO Engage’s comprehensive range of marketing tools and targeting options. Deliver campaigns across a range of channels and media formats including email, SMS, mobile notifications, video interstitials , OOH and WiFi.

Omnichannel marketing campaign displayed on multiple devices
multiple consumer profiles on a computer screen created with guest wifi logons

Behavioural segmentation

Personalise your campaigns by targeting customers based on previous and real-time visitor behaviour, including loyalty, location, dwell time and shopping behaviours to deliver far more relevant communications, and ultimately more impactful campaigns. 

Proximity targeting

Target campaigns based on the location of your customers and deliver content at the optimal moment during your customer’s journey. From retail coupons and customer service messages to research initiatives like exit surveys, proximity targeting has a range of use cases that can improve the experience of your customers while within venue. 

inforgraphic venue analytics report

Attribute campaigns to visitor behaviour

Here lies the gold for venue marketers. Finally understand how your campaigns impact real visitor behaviour in the short and long term with Engage’s attribution tools. Did your sales event activate dormant customers? How many email recipients visited your store opening? What is the value of a registered customer based on their real visitor behaviour? Engage will help you finally close the measurement gap. 

How it works

Watch this video to learn how Skyfii’s IO Engage helps you deliver more personalised omnichannel marketing campaigns.