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Collect and analyse data about people’s movements in and around your store and use Wi-Fi to engage with guests to drives sales.

Guest WiFi

Provide great quality guest WiFi for free in your stores. Free guest WiFi can also help you build a database of engaged customers, and deliver to them targeted and relevant communications and offers.
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Drive sales

Send personalised offers and promotions to drive sales and build brand loyalty. Skyfii also gives your guests a link between your physical premises and your online presence, a proven driver of sales.

Measure Performance

Connect Skyfii with your store’s sales data to measure marketing campaigns, test new promotions and the impact of product and price changes. See average sales per customers, benchmark the performance of stores and the conversion rates of new, returning or loyal customers.
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Get your staffing and prep levels right

Accurately predict the staffing levels and prepped food you’ll need by tracking the numbers of guests at any given time. You’ll also be able to see patterns across your stores, and allocate staff and resources based on need.
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