A solution for Large Format Retail
Large Format Retail

Large Format Retail

Collect and analyse data about visitor movements in and around your store and engage with customers, driving sales.

Understand your shopper journeys

Visualise how shoppers move through your store and analyse how they engage with each department.
Improve curb to gate times
Personalise your shopper experience

Personalise your shopper experience

From email to SMS, mobile to video, reach your customers through the right channel at the optimal time.

Measure retail events

Measure the effect of retail events like sales and product launches, understanding their impact on in-store shopper behaviour.
Measure events
Optimize gate schedules

Optimise your staff rostering

Improve staff rostering with visitor analytics to maximise sales conversions and resource allocations.


Compare and rank the performance of stores across your portfolio. See what’s working where and for who; use the data to define best practices.
Optimize parking