Skyfii’s OccupancyNow™ toolkit has everything you need to maintain a safe environment for your customers and staff.

Our software provides new insights for venue operators and marketers.

As the world’s first omnidata intelligence company, we provide the technology, the data, and the expertise to show you what’s happening in your venues and why.

Understand visitor behavior.

Bring together data from multiple sources to see how visitors behave within your venues.

Analyze venue performance.

See how venues are utilized and identify opportunities for improvement.

Communicate directly with visitors.

Send and receive messages with visitors while they are on site and after they leave.

Skyfii Solutions

Our omnidata intelligence solutions are built for improving venue operations and the visitor experience. To help you assess which combination is right for you, schedule a free demo.

Guest WiFi
Scale and customize the guest Wi-Fi user experience across multiple locations.
People Counters
Get high-fidelity traffic data and measure detailed interactions within your venue.
IO Connect
Consolidate data from WiFi, people counters, and other sources.
IO Insight
Analyze data about visitor behavior and venue performance.
IO Engage
Communicate with visitors via email, WiFi, SMS, and push notifications.
IO Labs
Access custom and industry-specific data and reporting solutions.

Trusted in Thousands of Venues

Skyfii is built to handle a single location, an entire portfolio of properties, or anything in between.

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“At Mirvac, we strive to fully understand the needs of our customers and create great experiences for them. Skyfii is a key part of making that possible.”

– Tim Weale, National Manager Retail Solutions at Mirvac

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