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Smart City Platform

Skyfii combines leading smart city technology with our real-time data intelligence and communications platform to create more livable cities and towns.
Skyfii helps cities and towns improve the quality of living for residents, workers and visitors alike. Securely harness data across the public domain to improve safety, drive operational efficiencies and grow the local economy with a range of applications:
Smart city camera

Technology We Work With

We support a wide range of technologies that collect data for the Skyfii Platform to harness, as seen in the BoulderAI DNN camera below, including:
Smart city camera
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People Counters

Purpose-built for highly accurate traffic counting.

Camera icon
AI Cameras

Advanced vehicle and object detection, classification, verification, and recognition.

Drone camera icon

Aerial vision and deep-learning for crowd management.

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WiFi Location Data

Visitor behavioral mapping.

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CCTV & Security Systems

Leverage existing CCTV cameras for analytics and alerting.

Who We Work With

Our clients include city councils, business improvement districts, and transportation hubs in major cities around the globe, including:
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A Complete End-to-End Solution

Skyfii works closely with its clients to provide the most comprehensive solutions for smart cities. We can can integrate with your existing technologies, or provide and end-to-end solution for new infrastructure. We provide:
IO city

Real-Time Data Intelligence & Communications Platform

People Counter dashboard
Foot Traffic icon

Analyze and compare footfall across precincts, districts, and time periods.

Visitor Flow icon
Visitor & Vehicle Flow

Analyze the flow of visitors, vehicles, and bicycles throughout your city.

Dwell time icon
Dwell & Wait Times

Monitor wait times at transportation platforms, public facilities, and entrances to buildings.

Insights icon
Visitor Segmentation

Analyze visitation by demographics, residents, and tourists.

Mobile phone WiFi Icon
Automated Alerts

Automatically alert staff and visitors about safety incidents, delays, and wait times.

Window Conversion icon
Zone Conversion

Measure conversions to retailers, attractions, and displays.

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Vehicle Counting

Analyze vehicle counts, and utilization of curb spaces and car parking.

Weather icon

Measure the impact of weather on visitation and vehicle flow.

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