Smart City Platform

Skyfii offers a leading smart city platform to collect data and provide insights cities can use to improve mobility, increase safety, and drive economic growth.

Benefits for Smart Cities

Skyfii combines leading smart city technology, with our real-time data intelligence platform to help cities and towns:

Improve mobility. Optimize roadways, routing, and public transportation schedules to more efficiently move people and vehicles through your city.
Improve public spaces. Understand how visitors use parks and community spaces, and make more informed decisions around safety, development, and planning initiatives.
Attract Investment. Leverage accurate metrics on footfall and visitor behavior to attract the right businesses, investors, and advertisers.
Support businesses and merchants. Help businesses thrive with traffic insights they can use to optimize store hours, staffing, and marketing initiatives.
Improve event planning. Analyze the number of visitors each event attracts, and the impact on vehicle and visitor flow. These insights can help you identify the optimal timing, location, and types of events for your city.

The Data and Insights Smart Cities Need


Analyze and compare footfall across precincts, districts, and time periods.

Visitor & Vehicle Flow

Analyze the flow of visitors, vehicles, and bicycles throughout your city.

Dwell & Wait Times

Monitor wait times at transportation platforms, public facilities, and entrances to buildings.

Visitor Segmentation

Analyze visitation by demographics, residents, and tourists.

Automated Alerts

Automatically alert staff and visitors about safety incidents, delays, and wait times.

Zone Conversion

Measure conversions to retailers, attractions, and displays.

Vehicle Counting

Analyze vehicle counts, and utilization of curb spaces and car parking.


Measure the impact of weather on visitation and vehicle flow.

Who We’ve Worked With

Our clients include over 25 city councils and Business Improvement Districts, as well as major public institutions, outdoor events, and transportation hubs, including…

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Skyfii is a global technology company that transforms the way smart cities collect, analyze, and extract value from data.

Our technology and services have been deployed for major cities, transportation hubs, universities, and retailers around the globe.

  • Billions of data points process monthly
  • Trusted in over 10,000 locations on five continents
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Secure Datacenters – ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3
  • Guaranteed uptime and performance

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