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Social Dashboard

Visualise your social media data in a comprehensive dashboard, defining best practise through a clear understanding on the success of your campaigns. More importantly, see the impact your online sentiment has with your in-store visitation, connecting your online impacts to real world results. 

Your Key Social Marketing Data at a Glance

View accurate social reporting on the reach, engagement and fan levels of your social media account – helping you understand your campaign impacts. By aligning your online reach with our visitation data you can create measurable campaigns. Connecting social sentiment to visitation, identifying best practise for your social strategy.

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social marketing dashboard report

Define the time period and assess your social data across a specified reporting period – identifying the long-term and short-term impacts of social campaigns. The initial data download made can be up to two years, giving you a window into historical performance. 

Learn More About Your Social Marketing Audience

social marketing dashboard report

Get an accurate account on the demographic of your social media fans, ensuring your message aligns with your audience.

Social Marketing Dashboard Report
Post Reactions

A quick snapshot of the total reactions your posts have online, giving you an understanding of the sentiment your posts are creating.

Social Marketing Dashboard Report
Fans Online

Identify key engagement times for your fans with an understanding of their peak social media use, providing you with an optimal interaction time.

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