A solution for stadiums and events
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Stadiums and Events

Retain and grow your fan base, keep up with the changing needs of your technology-savvy fans, and prioritize health, safety, security.

Manage crowds

Identify areas of congestion and improve fan traffic flow. Optimize staffing, security, and operations to meet demand.
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Optimize queue efficiency

Measure, monitor, and respond to queue times. Proactively manage congestion by detecting when queue times cross a threshold and alert staff as to when queues need attention or redirection.

Improve fan experience

Observe behavior patterns and map common fan journeys. Deliver surveys to fans relevant to their journey to determine which aspects of a journey require improvement.
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Enhance marketing campaigns

Deliver targeted content to fans based on their behavior and location in the stadium. Understand how effective different campaigns are at driving fan attendance or in-stadium purchase decisions.

Forecast attendance

Understand historical attendance levels for specific event categories. Use this information to forecast and predict audience attendance profiles, and optimize staffing, security, safety, and operations.
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Upgrade sponsorship and advertising

Harness data gathered from fans during events to provide advertisers and sponsors an increase in their reach and frequency through retargeting after an event.
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