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IO Update 2.84-85 – Dynamic Captive Portal and Data Series Correlation

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Add Dynamic Content Blocks to the Captive Portal

Personalise the captive portal experience with Skyfii’s recent update to IO Connect, introducing dynamic content blocks into the captive portal.

This release will allow you to present content within the WiFi registration experience that’s responsive – changing based upon time of day, day of week and segmentation alignment. Allowing the captive portal experience to be tailored to your visitor and what they’re doing.

For example, a shopping centre could use IO Connect to build a landing page that automatically displays late night shopping promotions on Thursdays between 6-11pm. Displaying content relevant to the interests of visitors entering the venue. This could be personalised further, by aligning promotions with specific demographics or behaviours, using the tools segment match feature.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our video below or speak with a local representative by completing our contact form.

Dive Deeper with Data Series Correlation

Data correlation is crucial to contextualising the information you collect and report on.

With Skyfii’s recent update to IO Insight, you can now bring together two data-series and correlate how changes in one report relate to changes in another. Helping identify unique traits about your venue, or uncover insights into the behaviour of your audience.

For example, does congestion lead to a reduction or increase in dwell time? Join ‘Dwell’ with ‘Total Visits’ to see if peaks in visitation correlate to a reduction in dwell time. Indicating that congestion may lead to a poorer visitor experience and therefore motivate visitors to leave early.

This tool isn’t only for aggregate trend reports. You can also apply it to your marketing segment reports. Helping you uncover more about your audiences and the behaviour that is unique to them.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our video below or speak with a local representative by completing our contact form.

Zone Overview Report

The IO Platform’s zoning capability allows you to view visitation to specific areas within your venue, not just the venue as a whole. With the addition of the Zone Overview Report, you can now get a quick snapshot into the highest visited areas within your venue.

Undo Changes in Campaigns

If you have made a mistake or deleted something you shouldn’t have, you no longer have to worry.  

The introduction of the undo and redo button in the IO Platform’s campaign builder, now means you can quickly revert back on any changes you have made. Offering a quick solution to any frustrating mistakes.

social marketing

Are your social marketing campaigns working hard enough?

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social marketing

You’re getting dozens, if not hundreds of likes for your social marketing efforts, people are digging what you’re putting down. Share, share, love, laugh. It’s all good feedback. But what does that actually mean to visitation of your venue? The ROI for online campaigns is easy to measure when the product or service is also online – click throughs and dollar attribution say it all – but when your business is of the physical variety, how can you tell if all that social engagement is really paying off? The fact is, attributing offline sales to online campaigns is a challenge for even the most tech-savvy businesses.

We can all go through the basics… SMART KPIs will help you measure social marketing campaign effectiveness. You remember SMART? Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely? Of course you do. But these alone are not enough when attributing online to offline.

Another angle is tracking SOCIAL SENTIMENT. One of the easiest ways to understand if your social marketing campaigns are successful. The good old hashtag is used via all social platforms so it’s easy to track how people are reacting about your campaign. The next question, however, is whether or not your campaign is hustling consumers off their couches and into your venues?

The golden ticket, of course, is SALES.  Perhaps the most obvious way, but also the most tricky. How can you be sure that someone has been buying your product because of seeing your campaign on Facebook? Until recently, you couldn’t. Not accurately anyway. Now, as data analytics for physical spaces becomes a reality, the attribution does too.

But sales isn’t always the only objective of a campaign. Ultimately, you want to know if your social marketing campaigns are driving people to your venue or space. FOOTFALL & VISITATION plays a big role in understanding this correlation and is something you can now measure so long as you have accurate data analytics for your venue. Do visits spike when your campaigns are live? Are some messages more impactful than others? By measuring and monitoring this, you’ll be able to build a robust social strategy that you know works and report results in a tangible way.

The Skyfii IO social dashboard makes this process easy and efficient; providing an easy-to-ingest dashboard with everything you need, right where you need it. Track the social sentiment of each campaign and benchmark against previous results to see where your campaigns have had real-world impact.

Find out more about the Skyfii’s Social Dashboard .

facebook follower value

What’s a Social Media Like Really Worth?

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The correlation between social sentiment and customer loyalty to venue. 

Social media has a known ability to build relationships through engagement that can lead to sales and advocates. A study by Syncapse has shown •85% of consumers make brand decisions based upon social media influences. But what does that mean for your venue or space and what is that social sentiment really worth?

Research by DDB Worldwide found that *84% of a typical brand’s Facebook followers are existing customers, highlighting its potential as a great retention and relationship building tool. Moreover, studies suggest that followers spend more on the brands they follow socially. This over-index in spend is not merely an artifact of income, but rather an indication of how effective these media platforms can be.

DDB Worldwide’s Research also found that Facebook followers:

Are 11% more likely to continue using the brands than non-followers users.

Are 18% more satisfied with their brands then non-followers users.

Will spend 43% more in respective categories versus non-followers.

facebook likes attribution to brand

In addition, brand followers spend almost double the amount that non-followers do on the brands they like. Specifically, the average Facebook follower spends *$255 compared with the non-follower who spends *$139. In addition, over *90% of your followers are likely to continue buying from you. These insights support a relationship between sentiment and loyalty, but what does that loyalty mean in terms of generating footfall and spend offline?

There is a near consensus that social media marketing is valuable, but justifying the value of social has been a conundrum for brand marketers for some time. How much do you attribute to the relationship with the brand versus the last click? What makes measuring social ROI so difficult is not a lack of data, but identifying which pieces of data matter. Skyfii’s Social Dashboard enables clients to harness the analytics used day-to-day when measuring on-line successes and apply those analytics to a physical space. Providing a real way to measure ROI and conversion of social sentiment from online to offline.

social media marketing ROI

Online to Check Out Line

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The effects of online promotions and branding on venue visitation – linking online trends and physical spaces.

For retailers, shopping centres and numerous stores who provide products or services from a physical location – the correlation between venue visitation and revenue is closely intertwined. This powerful metric offers insight into the success businesses have in creating awareness, appeal and value to consumers, and thus in creating traffic. With the consumption of media moving steadily away from traditional advertising, this task of generating in-store visitation has moved online. 

* 87% of shoppers perform online research prior to visiting a store, 71% during and 35% after

* 39% of consumers use social networking sites for information on products and services

*50% of millennials trust user generated content and reviews over traditional advertising

Not surprisingly, *89% of retailers identified they had a social commerce strategy in place or planned to in the near future. For many retailers social media offers an effective method of capitalising on earned media to create campaigns, with enormous reach and engagement potentials. Combined with other above the line methods these integrated campaigns play a dominating role in creating traffic to venue, with a majority of retailers believing that social campaigns contribute to *5-20% of all sales.  

So, how can you truly measure the success your campaigns have on visitation and their resulting impact on revenues and profitability?

The connection is not always clear, that being the effect your social campaigns have on venue visitation and revenue. Understandably Social Networking analytics can provide you with insights into the effects your social advertising is having online, however this connection to venue has never been well defined. Fortunately, Skyfii’s Social Dashboard combines the advantages of both platforms, merging social analytics with accurate visitation numbers, creating a clear path between the sentiment you have online and the effect it has to your store. With this ability you can define best practice for social campaigns, accounting for the overall effect of online promotions and branding with venue visitation.

campus connectivity

IoT and Campus Connectivity

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“Improving specific academic and administrative outcomes is not the only benefit of analytics. Many study participants provided examples of how analytics programs can improve processes such as communications and decision making” Bischel

The education industry is one of the more recent applicants to uncover the power of big data, and ultimately that of IoT. For good reason too, as it has every inclination to join in. Why? Because campus connectivity is creating an era of ‘smart campuses’, extending significant benefits to classrooms, staff and students.

campus connectivity

Similar to the “smart cities” movement, campuses are revolutionising the way they collect, use and interpret their data. Understandably, as these ecosystems of human interaction merit themselves as small cities during schooling periods. This transformation to a “smart campus” adoption presents itself in many ways, however, holistically it represents the ability to manage assets and resources more efficiently to support campus, students and staff – all through the power of data created via campus connectivity. This is achieved through intensive learning and anticipation that can be performed by utilising data harnessing solutions, such as analytics.

Here are some insights uncovered by Educause after conducting a study in participation with Education facilities titled “Analytics in Higher Education – Benefits, Barriers, Progress and Recommendations”

69% of respondents viewed analytics as a major priority for departments

28% indicated that analytics was a major priority for entire institutions

Only 6% reported that analytics wasn’t a priority or an interest 

With a focus on supporting campus, students and staff – data and analytics can be used as a tool to understand human interaction with campus facilities. Achieved by highlighting high foot-traffic locations in campuses and facility/amenities utilisation, through applications such as Wi-Fi hardware capabilities. This in turn can be used to inform maintenance and security services, ensuring the effectiveness of resource allocation and improving efficiencies.

Support capabilities such as these also extend to retail planning and timetabling scheduling. Through analytics, insights can be generated to highlight under-usage and over-usage of public spaces; helping to make better informed development and planning decisions. In a timetable scheduling scenario, accurate accounts of student attendance can be generated through data-mining, highlighting attendance and leave rates during classes. This will enable  education facilities to make informed decisions with regards to appropriate timetabling and scheduling.

And let’s not forget good old communication. Keeping students and staff informed has become a lot simpler with new age technologies, and has become very time, location and activity specific. Through ingested data, messages can be curated indicating to those in a particular area of relevant events, updates or warnings (such as class changes or pop-up construction areas). This ability becomes seamless once married to an analytics platform, cross-referencing communication impacts to visibly live changes in campus behaviour and interaction; ultimately, supporting communication with data.

Devices showing Skyfii ebook cover page | smart cities

Smart Cities – How free Wi-Fi supports local government

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Creating a data driven smart cities project that addresses the communities needs.

Sometimes these decisions are small, and sometimes they are big, but regardless of size, every decision made will impact local constituents and visitors in one way or another. Decision-making is a significant responsibility so it’s important that those in positions of leadership, use all the tools they can to ensure that the decisions they make reflect the needs and interests of their community.

Data gathering is an important part of the decision making process, especially when it comes to those big decisions like allocating resources or planning community events. Unfortunately many of the conventional data gathering techniques are time consuming and expensive, and they don’t always give you accurate information.


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Harnessing big data to help drive customer loyalty and sales

Working with ALM in QLD and LMG in WA, Skyfii delivered public Wi-Fi to 100 pubs hand-picked by Diageo allowing punters to enjoy a drink and stay connected to the internet for free. The free WiFi network was designed to be a dedicated media channel for Diageo brands to communicate directly with a highly targeted set of consumers. With permanent point of sale signage in each pub promoting the free WiFi, the network is being used by thousands of punters every day and the campaign is delivering invaluable cut through and consumer engagement right at the point of purchase.

‘‘This campaign has improved our commercial relationships with key on premise customers, as we have added value to the venue in ways other than price and promotion. Through the free WiFi, we have gained greater visibility and support from our customers on the new products we have brought to market. Just as impactful has been the amount of “views” we have had on our brand adverts and the collected database is a great way to stay in touch with our consumers into the future”

Glenn Thiele – National Business Manager


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Hungry Jacks

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Skyfii drives instant results for Hungry Jack’s by driving customers into store to redeem hyper local promotion

Skyfii was set the challenge by Hungry Jack’s to demonstrate its marketing capabilities by turning around a geo-targeted promotion in a short space of time to drive traffic in-store to redeem.

With a tight timeline the Skyfii Design Team created the content for the campaign, the Campaign Team defined the right target audience within the Skyfii database of members and the Operations Team tested content deliverability across multiple channels and devices. The campaign went live inside 8 hours after receiving the brief.


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Platypus Retail Store

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Platypus retail store improves visitation and conversion using Skyfii solution

Platypus delivered proximity triggered campaigns to visitors as they entered in venue, to drive awareness and store visitation. As part of this integrated campaign, the store wished to deliver an EDM to segmented consumers identified across Market City’s registered database.

IO Connect, Skyfii’s guest Wi-Fi and database platform was utilised to deliver a promotional coupon to Market City’s visitors. As visitors entered the shopping centre and registered to the guest Wi-Fi a landing screen would display the coupon.

As visitors entered the shopping centre and registered to the guest Wi-Fi a landing screen would display the coupon. This 20% off voucher would then incentivise customers to visit Platypus Shoe’s store, with the campaign running for one week….


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Taking on the $8bn Wi-Fi as a Service market

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The Wi-Fi as a service market is predicted to be worth almost $8 billion by 2021

The WiFi as a Service market is predicted to be worth almost $8 billion by 2021 according to a report by MarketsandMarkets – that’s a massive increase from $1.57 billion in 2016.

Industries such as retail, travel, sports and local government are seeing the value in WiFi to help them understand their customers on a whole new level.

The new buyer’s decision-making journey is no longer filled with loud ‘push’ advertising and language that over-promises on goods and services. Customers have evolved and now crave a personalised relationship with the businesses that provide these experiences. Modern guest WiFi, analytics and marketing tools can help to achieve this.

Skyfii logo linking to multiple countries

The data from opted-in WiFi users can be harnessed to get a clearer picture of what customers want and how they want it delivered. This process allows businesses to offer bespoke and targeted offers and promotions to customers. Location data, for example, can also be used to identify peak and dwell times and help management to allocate resources more effectively.

Skyfii has established a firm footing in this industry, and our business has expanded considerably in the past year in all the regions we operate in, which includes Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe and North America.

After launching in North America earlier this year, we recently announced our first customer in the region. Along with Aruba Networks, part of HPE, and local telecoms specialist Cincinnati Bell (CBTS), we’re part of an initiative called Light Up Cincinnati, which aims to connect residents, visitors, and businesses through technology. Essentially, it means we’re providing free WiFi access to the city’s millions of visitors and residents and giving businesses new ways of connecting with them.

We’ve established partnerships to accelerate our global expansion. Just this year, we were appointed as an ecosystem partner to Aruba, supporting its Mobile First Platform to help businesses analyse and visualise customer behaviour data.

Based on that success and the great potential of the WiFi as a Service market, we sought new funding to finance our ongoing international expansion. The fundraising was completed successfully this week and I am pleased to say we raised $4.1 million from new and existing investors.

I’d like to thank our shareholders for their confidence in Skyfii’s business, strategy and the continued development of our platform.

The ongoing support we’ve received from our experienced shareholders, along with the strong interest from new investors, bolsters the belief we have in our business and its future the world over.