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The Why in Guest WiFi

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On average shopping centre visitors will spend 25% longer in-venue when using a guest WiFi service

Guest WiFi  is becoming a necessity amongst consumers, with the availability of services impacting decisions so heavily, that 66% percent of travelers said they would change hotels for a better Wi-Fi experience. These services support not only local tourist economies but are becoming a quick need for the globalised workforce who need to be online and connected. However the benefits of providing public Wi-Fi extend beyond the service you provide to users. As a business, city, education facility, airport, shopping centre or retailer the benefits are tremendous, here are just a few.

Build a database of engaged customers

Registration portals offer an ability to capture user details as they log onto guest WiFi. With these details you can begin to grow a database of people who are engaged with your venue and your brand. Using Skyfii IO’s Progressive Profiling tool, you can schedule subsequent questions in the captive portal to capture additional data from users when they return to the network.

Longer time spent in venue

One of the greatest benefits of providing guest WiFi is the increased time spent in-venue. On average shopping centre visitors will spend 25% longer in-venue when using a guest WiFi service, in addition registered users will spend 28% longer in venue regardless of being connected to the internet. This increase in dwell contributes to a known increase in revenue, as consumers spending longer in venue increase their spend.  

Attract new customers

Public WiFi adds an incentive for visitors to enter in venue.  Businesses in the hospitality industry now use it as an incentive for individuals to visit their venue. According to a survey, 53% of people were more happy to sit alone in restaurants and cafes if Wi-Fi is available, with consumers reporting that the Wi-Fi access removed the stigma of sitting alone

Improved customer expectations

The increase in guest WiFi deployments have started a trend amongst consumers, whereby the provision of WiFi has become an expectation. Guest Wifi is provided in numerous settings including airports, education facilities, city centres, pubs, shopping centres and hotels. By meeting these expectations you improve your customer’s experience and their loyalty to your venue.

Consumer analytics

Offering free WiFi does not just benefit the consumer, in fact it is becoming an invaluable asset amongst those who provide it. In conjunction with other data sources WiFi is being used as a means to construct a clear picture on the profile and behaviour of its users. With the added ability of WiFi location tracking functionalities, you’re able to see the physical interaction your users have with your facility.  

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Smart Cities – How free Wi-Fi supports local government

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Creating a data driven smart cities project that addresses the communities needs.

Sometimes these decisions are small, and sometimes they are big, but regardless of size, every decision made will impact local constituents and visitors in one way or another. Decision-making is a significant responsibility so it’s important that those in positions of leadership, use all the tools they can to ensure that the decisions they make reflect the needs and interests of their community.

Data gathering is an important part of the decision making process, especially when it comes to those big decisions like allocating resources or planning community events. Unfortunately many of the conventional data gathering techniques are time consuming and expensive, and they don’t always give you accurate information.


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